Why Liberty Work?

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We help you create talented teams

If you need specific solutions that fit the company's human resources management, here at Liberty Work we will be your strategic partner


You’ll have an external HR department to take care of the staff recruitment, selection and training your organisation needs.


You’ll have access to a highly qualified, committed team.


We strive to offer you valuable solutions, taking care in every detail and forging long-term relationships based on trust.


  • You’ll have an external HR department, which is more cost and time effective.
  • Recruitment agencies, as an alternative source of staffing, allow you to adjust your personnel to the economic cycle and trade fixed costs for variable costs.
  • You’ll be able to cover peaks of work or temporary leaves quickly and efficiently.
  • You’ll get the best candidates for each position, thanks to our experience in recruiting and selecting personnel.
  • You’ll have access to a wide variety of specialized professionals from all sectors, thanks to our on-going recruitment process.
  • You’ll limit conflict, as the worker’s labour status depends on the recruitment agency.

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